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Project Description

Aspen Club and Spa

Focusing on lifestyle and healthy living experiences, the Aspen Club and Spa has explored a variety of value added redevelopment plans through out the years. Capitalizing on the body, mind and spirit mantra of Aspen, the Club was looking to provide boutique conference space, including living quarters for guests, while maintaining a state of the art training and athletic facility. Outdoor pool and spa areas, including yoga platforms and quiet contemplative spaces were envisioned. Design opportunities to promote an active lifestyle and advocate responsible choices were also included in the plan through bike and car share spaces, as well as employee housing.

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We are all about collaboration at Land Design 39. We work in concert with owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape installers and owner’s representatives. Let us know your goals, program elements, schedule and budget, and let’s see how we fit into your project.


About My Work

We have a passion for landscape design that works in concert with the natural environment, and creates unique spaces based on each project’s program elements and goals. Collaboration with team members from ownership to architects, and contractors to engineers is an essential element of our design process.

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