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Project Description

Shady Sanctuary

This Shady Lane residence is located on the banks of the Roaring Fork River along a natural ecological corridor. Bear, deer and other wildlife frequent the  neighborhood due to it’s large lots and intact native vegetation. An existing ditch was rehabilitated to provide a water feature through the property, while native and shade tolerant vegetation layer the landscape to transition from the native to the manicured. A variety of family friendly outdoor spaces were created, including a firepit, barbecue, spa, dining and living areas and an intimate quiet courtyard.

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We are all about collaboration at Land Design 39. We work in concert with owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape installers and owner’s representatives. Let us know your goals, program elements, schedule and budget, and let’s see how we fit into your project.


About My Work

We have a passion for landscape design that works in concert with the natural environment, and creates unique spaces based on each project’s program elements and goals. Collaboration with team members from ownership to architects, and contractors to engineers is an essential element of our design process.

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