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Project Description

Yellowbrick Park

The Yellowbrick Park is a neighborhood gathering place adjacent to an old elementary school, that has been re-purposed to house several day care providers and city offices.  It is a true neighborhood park with numerous partners, and a variety of needs. Community meetings were held to create a common vision with all stakeholders.  Secure  playspaces abut the building to meet licensed childcare requirements.  The west end provides a larger playground for older children, while the east end meets the local community’s desire for active play with a basketball court.  A multi-purpose open space spans these two elements, including a gazebo for small gatherings.

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We have a passion for landscape design that works in concert with the natural environment, and creates unique spaces based on each project’s program elements and goals. Collaboration with team members from ownership to architects, and contractors to engineers is an essential element of our design process.

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