Miners Makeover

Tucked on the outskirts of town, with great views to Aspen Mountain, this project wanted a sheik landscape that would celebrate their modern home.  Existing amenities included a contemporary entry, complete with water feature and reflecting pool.   The backyard was comprised of flanking features with a dining patio on one end, connected by a simple lawn area to a spa and water wall on the other.   To tie these features together, a sublime water feature was envisioned to not only engage the main interior living space, but also gain access to the upper lawn level.   A raised fireplace feature is centered off this interior living area, and acts as the focal point for the backyard.   New patios at either end of the lawn space, engage their counterpart patios; a new cocktail patio enhances the dining patio, while a sun bathing patio complements the spa.

Let’s Work Together


We are all about collaboration at Land Design 39. We work in concert with owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape installers and owner’s representatives. Let us know your goals, program elements, schedule and budget, and let’s see how we fit into your project.