Snowmass Community Garden

Displaced with the redevelopment of the Snowmass Fire Station, the Snowmass Village Community Garden was looking for a new home.  The Little Red Schoolhouse and Cathy Robinson Playground area was chosen as a town owned site with good sunlight, existing infrastructure, and available space.  Land Design 39 worked with the TOSV to verify site constraints and opportunities, provide detail for bed layout and fence design, and assist with public outreach.   With limited budgets and a penchant for recycled materials, the team designed garden beds and fencing utilizing recycled stadium bleachers, railings and bed frames.   To ensure transparency and provide a forum for discussion, a public process was engaged in, and formal approval given by the Planning and Zoning Board.

Let’s Work Together


We are all about collaboration at Land Design 39. We work in concert with owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, landscape installers and owner’s representatives. Let us know your goals, program elements, schedule and budget, and let’s see how we fit into your project.